HetNet offers a cloud based WIFI solution that consists of advanced hardware, regular refreshes, proactive administration, analytics, mobile apps and 24×7 support for escalations. Cloud based WIFI reduces the initial capital expense, decreases overall maintenance costs, enables hardware improvements and improves user satisfaction.
As part of HetNet’s Managed Services, our cloud-based Wi-Fi solution features include:
  • Real time visibility and never lose control of the network with intuitive dashboards & app
  • Easy guest onboarding, add any number of guests to your network
  • Security to your network and maintain 100% visibility into usage
  • Self-Optimization by learning and automatically improving performance in real time
  • Reduce troubleshooting and allow your IT staff to focus on our issues
Ideal for campus environments, residential complexes and small offices lacking dedicated IT support, cloud based Wi-Fi can also be deployed as a parallel system for public access that will not interfere with an existing corporate network.