Portland’s Fire Code Task Force Stresses Statewide Issues

A deadly November blaze prompted the city of Portland, Maine to create a task force to examine the city’s current fire code. The task force first met December 3, 2014, in part to determine whether the city should have a more rigorous inspection program. Boston Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Fleming, one of the 11-member force, stressed that many issues need “to be dealt with at the stat level. This wasn’t a Portland tragedy. It was a Maine tragedy. It’s really a Maine issue.” Maine last adopted a new fire code in 2007, based on the 2006  NFPA Uniform Fire Code. One of the goals of the task force is to create a set of recommendations ready for Portland’s City Council before budget deliberations begin this spring. With the International Code Council’s (ICC) code development cycle beginning anew this November, Portland’s task force may find it timely to revise their standards to increase the safety of their citizens.  You can read more of the developing story here.