Part 90 of FCC Report and Order

Part 90 of the FCC Report and Order “Use and Design of Signal Boosters” (adopted February 20, 2013) requires consumer signal booster operators to register all new and existing signal boosters. 

Update: All boosters must be registered by November 1, 2014 or be subject to fines exceeding $100,000 for each continuing violation. If you need help completing the process, HetNet Wireless offers registration assistance

The full text of the pertinent Report and Order can be viewed here: FCC-13-21A1

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Part 90 Signal Booster Registration

Why is the FCC requiring registration of signal boosters? The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules to improve signal booster design so these devices won’t cause interference to wireless networks. Wireless networks are used to connect the public to 911 emergency services, so Part 90 registration is a public safety measure. Previously manufactured boosters require registration as a safeguard to protect against potential interference to wireless networks.

By registering all consumer (and industrial) boosters, the FCC aims to create a national database. Registration is a key element to control booster device use so interference issues can be resolved quickly.

What do I need to do to register my booster? HetNet offers registration assistance here.

You can also start by downloading our registration form, and sending it to our team at

What if I have more than one booster installed? Each booster must be registered independently. If you have multiple boosters and would like assistance, please contact us.

What are the deadlines or key dates for signal booster registration? The orders set forth in the February 20, 2013 took full effect March 1, 2014. Beginning November 1, 2014, the FCC will enforce registration for all consumer booster operators.

What does enforcement entail? Unregistered boosters are subject to fines exceeding $100,000 per continuing violation. Registered boosters operating in compliance will not affected, but if your signal booster causes interference you will be required to shut it down until the issue can be resolved.

What data is collected for registration and how will it be used? Some of the data collected for registration is physically present on the booster itself (such as manufacturer, make, and model number), while the rest of the data is used to identify the booster (address, physical location) and the operator (company/organization and contact).

The information HetNet Wireless collects is confidential, and will be used to register your devices with the FCC. We do not sell, share or otherwise compromise the information you share with us.