Monitor your systems and complete required annual Coverage Testing.

Depending on local enforcement, all buildings are required to comply with the International Fire Code (IFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which are designed to ensure adequate indoor radio coverage for firefighters and other emergency responder personnel during critical emergency responses.

Monitoring and annual testing of these systems are required to maintain building occupancy. Additionally, the FCC can impose significant fees for any owner that does not register their system or causes a negative impact to the outdoor macro network. HetNet’s managed services for monitoring and maintenance include:

  • Real time monitoring of all active equipment
  • Remote management of the system to optimize coverage
  • Critical alarm notifications
  • Annual on-site testing to meet building occupancy requirements
  • Owner representation to the FCC and local fire inspector
  • Coordination with the public safety agencies or cellular providers

HetNet specializes in monitoring and maintenance contracts of systems supporting the wireless cellular carriers, emergency responder radios and Wi-Fi.

The benefits of HetNet’s Monitoring and Maintenance Solution include:

  • Maintain compliance – All requirements of the CA Fire Code Section 510 will be met.
  • Maximize performance of the system – System parameters can be adjusted remotely, minimizing the time and cost of on-site services.
  • Reduce liability with real-time monitoring – Resolve coverage issues in real time; not just once a year during the inspection.
  • Mitigate issues with the FCC – In the event of system malfunction, we will proactively work with the FCC and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to limit your exposure.
  • Improve all in-building wireless coverage – Along with the radio coverage we can also assist with Cellular and Wi-Fi improvements.

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