Google Wireless Service Might Come with Free Global Roaming

We first wrote about Google’s Wireless Service launch back in January. Google is now reportedly negotiating a deal with Hutchison Whampoa, who owns the cellular service provider Three, which operates in Italy, the UK, Europe and Asia. Earlier this year, Google was negotiating a purchase of excess wireless capacity from Sprint & T-Mobile to become a “Mobile Virtual Network Operator,” or MVNO in the style of carriers like Tracfone.

With the move to secure free global roaming, Google reveals an agenda outside taking on entrenched carriers like Verizon, by redefining the possibilities available to mobile customers. Though Google’s move to become a global MVNO may push prices down across the board, so far the project is still in its infancy, and experts are predicting it may take some time for Google’s entrance to the wireless service world to make any waves in the marketplace.