Devastating Fires in Condos & Apartment Buildings Built to Current Codes

In the wake of many vicious fires that have broken out recently in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and on the Eastern Seaboard, critics are pointing out that many of these fast-moving, devastating fires occurred in buildings that were technically up-to-code.

In Rhode Island, the 138-unit Westgate Condominium Building had a working fire alarm and “no outstanding deficiencies or violations” of the state code when it was engulfed in flames in early March, as reported by the Providence Journal.

In several of the recent apartment and condominium fires, a lightweight, wooden structure that was fully up to the prescribed building code allowed the fire to spread and quickly overtake the building. In most instances, the loss of life was minimized by up-to-code alarm and fire suppression systems. As the ICC is now entering its new code development cycle for the 2015-2017 IFC, the model code maker announced a new online forum for code proposal changes.

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