Buzzfeed Exposes Hidden Beacons in NYC Phone Booths, a site better known for its’ viral content and quizzes geared toward the millenial-to-thirtysomething crowd, broke an exclusive story October 5 exposing hidden beacons in New York City phone booths. Beacons are Bluetooth devices that emit signals to smartphones, and are growing in commercial applications. In this instance, about 500 beacons were installed by Titan, an outdoor media company that sells phone kiosk advertising space. Installed in November 2013 for “maintenance purposes.” The existence of these beacons were revealed to Buzzfeed by a source who wished to remain anonymous, for fear of losing their job. For the full story, visit Buzzfeed.

UPDATE – Hours after the BuzzFeed report, City Hall had asked Titan to remove the beacons from their phone booths. The full story is available from Buzzfeed.