Amazon Releases Echo, A Voice-controlled, Cloud-connected Speaker

Earlier this month, Amazon unveiled it’s new product, the Echo – a voice-controlled, cloud-connected speaker. The easiest way to conceptualize the Echo: Think Siri without the smartphone. The slim, unobtrusive speaker can detect your voice across a room, where it acts as a personal tech assistant from the future. Want to hear your favorite song?… Read more »

Illinois to Enforce Current Fire Code for Chicago High Rises

Owners of Chicago high-rises built before 1975 were given extra time to retrofit their buildings to meet the current code, but the city has passed a January 1, 2015 deadline for compliance. No further extensions will be granted, and any buildings that are not up to code will be taken to court, with estimated fines… Read more »

How will the new FCC Amendment Affect Part 90 Registration?

If you haven’t already registered your signal booster or BDA, it’s not too late. Though the deadline for enforceable fines exceeding $100,000 per violation passed over the weekend, registering your device today will ensure continued compliance to avoid costly fees. Recently the FCC released amendments to Part 90. If you’re wondering how this will affect… Read more »

FCC Adds New Amendments to Signal Booster Rules

It’s been nearly two years since the FCC first issued the Commission’s “Rules to Improve Wireless Coverage Through the Use of Signal Boosters,” but the rules continue to be revised and amended to reflect the realities of an evolving technology. Though the changes are very specific and highly technical, they emphasize progressive governmental action to… Read more »

Only One Day Remains before the FCC Registration Deadline

Happy Halloween! Tonight’s the night for costumes, candy and trick or treating, but today’s the day to finish some last-minute business. Have you registered your wireless boosters and BDAs with the FCC? Without properly registering your devices, you will be subject to fines in excess of $100,000.  HetNet Wireless is offering registration assistance, just download… Read more »

uBeam Raises $10 Million for New “Wireless Charging” tech

Founded by young UPenn Meredith Perry, the company uBeam made headlines yesterday after it announced $10 million in Series A funding. On the list of investors: Yahoo’s own Marisa Mayer, Mark Cuban, and a slew of other big tech names. uBeam’s mission is to create a truly untethered wireless charging devices, wall-mounted transmitters that allow… Read more »

Three Simple Ways to Improve Wireless Speed at Home

We’ve all experienced it – the dreaded dead zone in the house or a frustratingly slow connection that’s seems more like dial-up than the 5GHz your provider promised? Jump for three simple tips to improve indoor wireless speed (and reliability) at home. 

One Week Left to Register Boosters with the FCC

There’s only one week left if you want to be in compliance with the Part 90 FCC ruling or face fines in excess of $100,000 per violation. Haven’t registered your booster yet and not sure what to do? HetNet Wireless is offering Part 90 Registration Assistance. Click on the link to get started.

Hidden Beacons Also Installed in LA and Chicago

Earlier this month, Buzzfeed broke an exclusive report on hidden beacons installed in New York City phone booths. This week, Buzzfeed revealed these devices were also installed in public spaces in Los Angeles and Chicago. What are “Beacons?”