California Public Safety Ordinances

California is leading the way with progressive building code adoptions, with a statewide adoption of both the 2012 International Building Code and the International Fire Code. This includes the adoption of Section 510 pertaining to Emergency Responder Radio Coverage. You can view the 2013 current code here.  

Hawaii Public Safety Ordinances

In 2007, Hawaii created a new Building Code Council Agency to adopt codes statewide. The International Building Code was specifically named, and the Four County jurisdictions were given two years to adopt and amend the state code locally. The website of the State Building Code Council can be accessed here.

Delaware Public Safety Ordinances

In Delaware, building codes are adopted at the county and municipal level. Though Delaware only has three counties, many municipalities have adopted the International Fire Code, including Camden, Harrington, and Newark County. The office of the State Fire Marshall lists appropriate contact information by county, and can be viewed here.

Connecticut Public Safety Ordinances

Portions of the International Fire Code are used in the Connecticut State Fire Code, including the 2003 Fire Code. Through the State of Connecticut webpage, you can access relevant parts of the adopted model codes.

How do Distributed Antenna Systems Increase Public Safety?

A DAS, or Distributed Antenna System, provides an increased public safety benefit by improving First Responder radio coverage within a a structure or building. Construction techniques and materials can block or obstruct wireless communication channels. Dropped calls or spotty internet service can be an inconvenience, but inadequate radio coverage for First Responder signals can be… Read more »

Arkansas Public Safety Ordinances

Arkansas currently uses the 2007 AR Fire Prevention Code based on the 2006 International Fire Code. You can view the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Rule Changes here.

Alaska Public Safety Ordinances

While the adoption of the International Fire Code is not statewide across Alaska, several jurisdictions, including Anchorage, Kenai, Kodiak, and Skagway have adopted the 2009 Fire Code. Alaska Division of Fire and Life Safety

Alabama Public Safety Ordinances

The State of Alabama has adopted the 2009 International Fire Code. The full text of the Alabama Fire Code can be viewed here. To visit applicable codes at the website of the Alabama State Fire Marshall, click here.

Washington State Building Code Updated to Facilitate Solar Installation

Last week, the Washington state Building Code Council unanimously approved a change in state law to allow for the residential installation of rooftop solar without review of an engineer. The measure was supported by a coalition of jurisdictions, utilities, industry partners and citizen groups in order to make rooftop solar systems more affordable. The approved… Read more »